Category: poetry


It’s beautiful. Because for one second, just one tiny second, I’m the main character in someone’s story. That moment that I step onto the train with a book in hand and curious little eyes. The boy that’s sitting down tapping his foot against the floor, looks at my messy hair and darting eyes and wonders what it is I’m reading and what spell it’s put on me so that I find it so captivating.
The muses are all dead now. We’re dressed in black, watching it burn burn burn. I can’t remember when the music stopped; I’m just dancing on my own. Gleamy eyes and light-up skin. Just burn burn burn. If opposites touch each other, aren’t the villain and the hero the exact same thing? I can’t remember what we were crying about. The reminiscence of a memory that couldn’t be shouldn’t be
You never know how a bomb feels until it strikes home. The moment you can feel the dynamite in your mouth you realize how little you knew about explosives.
I know so much, and yet, so little. “All I know is I know nothing”. No. I know a lot. I know plenty. But I don’t know enough. I know the difference between myocardium and endocardium. I know how tectonic plates move. I know that pi is infinite, and no matter how close to it we get, we’ll never get close enough. I know, I know. I know so, so much.
Forced to be adults because they couldn’t. Holding a hammer in hand while the world is falling apart, struggling to keep it together. To keep everything together. The world, ourselves. Together. And we are so done with being told to get our shit together. We are younger than the Internet. There are more iPhone models then years we have. And yet, we are expected to know what to do with our lives.
I am not egocentric, I just have a mind that’s self-centric. It’s just in my nature, teeth as sharp as a razor, I drink blood and I don’t give hugs. That’s what I do and I feel like biting you. When I get hungry I also get angry. If I don’t have my food I’ll get in a bad mood. I’m a vampire, and to be strong I aspire. I’m very sarcastic,
My head is still. But everything around it isn’t. The world is spinning too much too fast. My pupils try to adapt, try to look at one point but they can’t. The black expands into the green. The orange disappears into the green. And the green, the green locks into the brown. The world is spinning no more.