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His breath was ragged as he ran forward. His feet felt numb and his heart pulsed, threatening to jump out of his chest. He had to get out. The room was dark and he was running from the shadows. He had to get out. He threw himself against the wall, praying for a crack through which he could get out. But there was nothing. He blindly ran his hands against the icy cage, but there was no way out.
“One last wish, I’ll let you have,” The Magic Fairy smiling said. “Don’t you waste it, little girl; you’ll never have this chance again.” Cinderella sat and thought, what it was she wanted most. “No more money, no more men. What can I ask for, then?” “Well, well, well,” The Magic Fairy said. “I can make anything come true, so just ask, and the rest I’ll do.” “It’s a complicated thing, to just be able to have just one wish,” said Cinderella.
Jo looked at the map and decided to go left. She had to find that old house where an evil woman kept her sister hidden, but the map didn’t show the house. Jo’s feet were numb from walking and she could barely see in the dark, but she had to keep going, she didn’t know what the woman would do to her innocent sister. She kept walking until she couldn’t see anymore, and then let herself fall to the floor.
Her whole body was shaking. She couldn’t stop moving around the room. Her hands shook uncontrollably grasping her face and she said: “You know, maybe I’m not crazy. Maybe-maybe you are the crazy one here”. Her voice was cracked and raspy from smoking. She took out her lighter, and when the flame erupted from it, it wouldn’t stop dancing, her hand was too shaky for it to be static. She lit a cigarette and she brought it to her mouth.
I sat in the wet floor as the pouring rain damped my face. I looked around and all I saw was gray. Not black, nor white, just… gray. I wasn’t sure if the wetness in my face was because of my tears or weather it was because of the rain. Either way, it didn’t make me uncomfortable. I was used to both. I was used to the rain because of the city I lived in, a city haunted by big, grey clouds.
Matt walked into the room. Jess looked right at him and then immediately looked down again. She knew what he could see. She knew he would see her with a knife in her hand, ready to rest the blade of the knife in her arm and slide it across it. She knew what he was seeing and she didn’t know what to think-or how to react. “Wh-What are you doing here?